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About Model Quest

It is our aim to bring adult models and adult jobs together. We promote, dancers, pornstars, exotic models, adult models, and anyone trying to get into the field. A model can apply ( must be of legal age ), and leave like a resume and portfolio. Potential employers can browse, and contact the model.

We also offer a job board where employers can post jobs for models to browse. While we do our best to check out the employment opportunities, we do not take responsibility for anything to do with the jobs. It is up to the model to beware, and get the best deal possible.



  1. put yourself in front of production companies looking for new talent
  2. put yourself in front of modelling agencies looking for new talent
  3. put yourself in front of exotic dance establishments looking for new talent
  4. put yourself in front of production companies looking for new talent
  5. leave a resume and portfolio for potential future employers


  1. establish links back to your own site ( good for search engines )
  2. provide the link to the modelling agency for potential employers to get in contact with
  3. provide the link to your present production company so fans can follow your
  4. if you have your own small production company - promote it

Browse The Adult Models

Anyone can browse the model directory. Anyone including fans. For this reason we encourage the models to keep their pages up to date. Promoting yourself, and your work to your fan base is extremely important. Promoting yourself, and your work to directors, who may possibly want to work with you in the future is also very important.

Hiring A Model

Models should have listed a means of contact, whether it be directly, or though an agency. Model Quest is not a modelling agency. Although we do offer some services along the lines of an agency, we do not provide a between. It is up to the model to look after any contact.

Applying To Become A Model

Anyone of legal age can fill out an information sheet. A copy of government ID will be required, also if you have a Skype account, or equivalent, a face to face. Production companies, modelling companies are always on the lookout for fresh faces. They look for all races, genders, body types and ages. Look around, it's a whole new world.

Model Application

Searching The Job Board

We encourage models to periodically check the job boards. Sometimes a company may be looking for someone specific, and haven't found them yet. Could be anything, exotic pictures for an ad, to full out shoots. You never know. Anyone wishing to post an ad on the job board will have to contact us. We personally review each ad.

Job Board Contact Us

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